Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday's Weekly Update: Shears and Shoes and Sparkly Blues...

Welcome to the wonderful world of the guaranteed weekly update. I tend to talk about myself quite a bit (as I'm the one writing, and it's easier to describe my thoughts than it is Ginny's) so I try to once a week fill you in on the actual family.


I am a muse! (wait, that's about me again isn't it?) Jeffrey, influenced by my attempts at blogging, has started his own blog aimed at detailing his various athletic loves. His blog is entitled "Enduring Conflict: A Blog About Following Sports." it can be found here . I'm fairly certain he also wants to keep a written record of all his responses to the infinite number of questions I've asked (sometimes repeatedly) over the years. He tried explaining the college football BCS system to me for probably the 20th time last night. I still think it's stupid. The BCS, not Jeff's blog.


Today Ginny got her second haircut, and she was 100 times more well behaved for this one than she was for her first. She held off on even a pouty look until the trimmed bangs started tickling her nose. I gave her peanut butter crackers to munch on during my cut, and she had the lady laughing the whole time. She very systematically twisted open the crackers, licked up the peanut butter, set down the cleaned off cracker, and moved to the next one. She gets cuter by day. Well, most days. Especially when she has blue nails.

Yes, my sisters will roll over and die...I painted Ginny's fingernails bright sparkly blue. I had been testing a few red shades I had to see which best matched my new dress when Ginny asked why I was coloring my fingers. Then she asked if she could color her fingers. It just so happened that the only kid friendly color I had was a glittery blue. Bright blue. Wouldn't you know it, she actually held still! Call Guinness, I have a new time record for two-year-old patience! She even let me blow dry them, and she hates the blow dryer! She now likes to show off her "pretty fingers".

So tomorrow we will head down to Garmisch, Germany for the command Christmas party and a four day weekend of fun! We'll be staying at the Edelwiess Lodge and Resort... Check it out here . We're pumped! I spent all of today scouring the PX, the Marketplatz, and TWO malls, just looking for shoes for the party. The dogs are being watched by a dog groomer with two kids and a large yard, so we'll get a nice worry free vacation. We'll still have Internet there, so unless we're just wiped out (a possibility) we should be in touch!

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