Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The long weekend's eve...

Jeff has tomorrow (thurs) through Sunday off, so we will officially be doing our first touristy things! Tomorrow, we'll visit Heidelberg and it's very large, very old castle. There is a lift, but I'm going to attempt the trail up. It's supposedly very beautiful, and with the amazing fall colors here in Germany, I have high hopes.

Other things planned (in no set order) include:
Ramstein, the largest base in Germany, or at least the largest exchange and American food court. We still haven't been, but we've driven past for Dr. appointments in Landstuhl.

The Sindelfingen Christmas Market. We are fortune enough to only live a few blocks from this, and this year's theme is International Christmas. There will be booths from Ireland, Japan, etc... Good stuff.

Any other random, one-day doable adventure we can think of. There are plenty of castles to be seen!


In other parts of my day today, I watched last night's NCIS, and I have to say Bravo. I have never abandoned a show after so many years, but NCIS was truly losing me. I watched today on a whim, and I'm right back in. Cant wait for Part 2 next week.

I also managed to clean the kitchen and dining room, floors and all. This is actually a feet for me since my injury. However, due to a fall on Monday, I'm now in steady pain instead of come-and-go pain. I'm calling to set up physical therapy on Monday, we'll see what they have to say.

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