Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Of Plagues and Prozac...

I missed some sort of spouses meeting tonight at the command because I'm sick. Jeff brought back some sort of Polish death from his trip to Gdansk. He also brought back a really nice scarf, so I guess I can wrap it around my inflamed throat. I'm taking a girls only trip to Poland in two weeks, so I'm wondering how to repay him (for the scarf and the plague).

Speaking of plagues, Ginny apparently has an immune system of steel. I'm waiting for Jeff to go on another trip, because that's when she'll most likely catch something that will be the death of me. Jeff doesn't disagree.

Back to the spouses meeting though, I'm hoping my friend Sarah takes notes for me. I have no idea what this meeting was for. I think the command randomly pulls the wives in to make sure we aren't planning anything against our husbands anytime soon. Or maybe it's to hand out free Prozac. Dang, if that's the case, I should have gone myself. Sarah will probably steal my share. Stupid Polish death plague.

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