Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday's Weekly Update: Of kids and canines...

I have decided to do a weekly post solely focused on Ginny and the dogs. Since I started this on a wednesday and I don't usually have much going on on humpday, I might actually have a chance at remembering to do this.


Ginny has an ever expanding vocabulary. We understand what she wants 85% of the time. She likes to take us by the hand and tell us to "come on" before dragging us to her room or the kitchen or wherever else our attention is needed. When we sneeze, she says bless you. If she sneezes and we say bless you, she says thank you. She knows what dragons and castles and princesses are, thanks to Shrek. She can name almost any animal you show her, and is starting to learn animal sounds. Her favorite is Moooooo.

We are taking a passive approach to potty training. She shows sparks of interest, and likes to sit on the potty for about half a second. She hasn't yet grasped telling us if she needs to go, so we ask her. She also likes to put half a roll of toilet paper in the toilet when I'm not looking.

Eating meals continues to be an issue, especially at dinner time. She only eats the vegetable part of the meal, if she eats at all. She'll eat almost any snack you give her during the day, but won't eat at meal time even if snacks have been withheld. It's frustrating.

She has learned her name, and introduces herself to everyone. She also asks if something is hers by saying "Ginny's?". It's seriously cute.


Both dogs are doing well for the most part. They both seem to be grasping that Ginny is getting bigger, and therefor is a playmate. Gauge even tolerates games of fetch where Ginny throws the ball instead of us. Trigger is Ginny's shadow whenever she has food, but she has learned to tell them off.

Gauge has been getting sick this week, so I may try to find a vet out in town. The vet on base is moving offices and not seeing patients. Triggers hips show signs of getting worse, so we've started giving him pain pills on a more regular basis. He is still a very active and playful puppy though, and just goes on with his day. It's almost inspiring.

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