Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankfully keeping busy...

Well here we are at Tuesday, a seemingly easy day sandwiched between two eventful weekends.

This past weekend started early for the wonderfully filling holiday of Thanksgiving. As I mentioned before, we spent it with friends. A perfectly juicy turkey dinner was followed by football and a very entertaining game of "The Game of Things". If you've never played, I highly recommend it as it's a great (adult) party game. Not adult rude, just adult intelligence and wit (or lack there of).

Friday I did go shopping, but not for bargains on TVs or Playstations. As Thanksgiving is not a German holiday, Black Friday does not exist here. They actually don't start Christmas until December... Can you imagine?! So no I wasn't braving pepper spray wielding terrorists, just workers on the train. Sarah, Erin, and I went into the heart of the Stuttgart shopping district looking for a dress for the command Christmas party. The women in my family would just all-out die for the 2 mile stretch of stores and shops lining the pedestrian only street. We searched every one of those clothing stores and ended up coming back to the second one we hit. But dress shopping was a success! Shoes are another matter...I'm still looking for a pair.

Saturday was Jeffrey's holy grail of football days, so travel was restricted. Ginny looked very cute in her #16 jersey, especially sitting in Daddy's lap while he wore his #20. I had on a Michigan hoody, but we failed to dress the dogs. Therefore we tip our hats to Jeremy and his crew, and award them for team spirit. We will be prepared next year! The important thing was that Michigan beat Ohio... For the first time since Jeff met me I might add. I was starting to worry he might divorce me on the grounds that I was a jinx. =)

Sunday was nerve recovery day after that gripping game (it didn't end til 10pm here). A lovely day was spent lounging. Yesterday was a day for errands. We had a nice surprise of 6 packages in the mail, all but one Christmas related. On that note, December 9th is considered the last "Safe" day for shipping packages and having them arrive in time for Christmas. Just putting that out there.

Today led to more shopping as I prepare for the Christmas Party in Garmisch this weekend. We leave Thursday after my physical therapy appointment. Should be a fun time! Jeff is getting ready for bed, so more on that tomorrow.

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