Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yes, I'm aware I suck at this...

Happy February everyone!!!

I know! I can tell you're just shocked that I haven't posted on here at all this month. Someone as organized as I am surely has it all together more than this!

HAHAHAHAHAHA (<--- Me laughing at you if you really believe that).

Weelll, this month has been slightly dull, but none the less full of things to talk about. Maybe that's why I put off posting, things sound more interesting when grouped together. The problem is that after a month passes, I usually forget things that I might have talked about. This results in me trying to recall things that happened, and then trying to make them blogworthy. That results in a headache. I need a Coke.

Oh wait though! I can't have one! Stupid diets. Yes, I am on a diet. An actual, honest to god, world famous diet called "Weight Watchers" (online). My life has become centered around Points! Being the sports nut I am, you would think that points would be something I could work with. You know, touchdown! Whoever has the most points wins! Nope, not so much. It's more like golf, where the lower your score the better.

I hate golf.

But, alas, here I am counting how many ounces of Coke I can drink in a day, how many bites of rice will fit into my range, and cursing the fact that someone! (Sarah) convinced me to start this on the week of Valentines day. I have a heart shaped box of Ghirardelli chocolate squares just begging to be shoved down my throat. And a husband who likes to eat Reeses Peanut Butter Cups right next to me while I suck down my fat free, sugar free Jell-O. This may be the first time in history I'm looking forward to him leaving.

Jeff will be jetsetting for the next few weeks to countries that don't exactly enter normal people's dream travel itineraries. And by next few weeks, I mean possibly til the beginning of May without a single day home. What I'm going to to by myself in Germany that long I'm still not sure.

The weather here is seriously unpredictable. For a few weeks we had absolutely bone chilling temperatures in the single digits, and all of a sudden it's back up in the 40's. I won't complain about the 40's ever again.  That's a Virginia Beach winter, and I'll take it happily. We have snow at random intervals, and sometimes it looks like those tiny round styrofoam pelets that stick to everything. I've seen a lot of snow, but that was a first for me. I'll have to remember to get a picture next time.

Our social calendar has slowed recently, though we did have our friends over for dinner a few weeks ago. This Saturday we're holding a Texas Hold'em Poker party, with about 12 people, so that should be a good time. Valentine's Day for us was pretty good though. We celebrated on Friday becasue Jeff was taking his online German course on Tuesday. We got a sitter and headed into downtown Stuttgart for dinner, and Jeff got me a very beautiful pair of diamond earrings. I surprised Jeff by renting him a BMW X-5 for the long weekend, and he got to have a good time driving that around. I missed the actual surprise though, because he decided he was going to go to the garage to look for his phone without asking me were it was. He ALWAYS asks me where his stuff is, but not THIS time. His phone was sitting next to me in the bathroom as I was getting ready, and next thing I know he's asking where our CAR is. Go figure.

Saturday we headed into Strasbourg, France for a very large wine fest for independant wineries. We had a bit of an issue once we got there because we realized we forgot the diaper bag at home. Eventually we found a little supermarket and I had to run in to get diapers and wipes. While I was standing in line though, I realized that French is a much more pleasant language than German to have swirling around you when you don't understand a word of whats being said. French sounds so friendly, where as German makes you feel like you're about to be arrested or something. We did eventually make it back to the fest though, and it was pretty cool. Over 700 wineries lined a building so big you could fit 3 football fields in it side by side. Jeff may have enjoyed the 18 inch sandwich made of French bread stuffed with fresh, gooey Brie the most.

Well, that about covers it. For the contest winners, I want you to know I haven't forgotten you. I have 7 packages waiting to be mailed for various reasons, I just can't ever make it to the Post Office when it's open.

Until next week! (I mean month (I mean year ( I mean you'll know when I know)))!