Saturday, November 12, 2011

The mess in the messehalle....

So no post yesterday, mostly because nothing happened yesterday. I was feeling particularly yucky after walking around Heidelberg without a coat, and Jeff had to run into work for a while. I still haven't gotten rid of this cough.

Today we ventured out in search of the Sindelfingen Christmas Market. Properly bundled, we walked to the oh so conveniently located Sindelfingen Marketplatz. Upon our arrival we discovered that the only market taking place was the usual Saturday farmers market. Confused, I pulled out my phone to recheck the email with the information. The market was not IN the Marketplatz, but in the Messe. Oops. But what's a Messe?

Well Google maps informed me the Messe was a trade fair located near the Mercure hotel (but it failed to mention there was a Mercure hotel on both sides of the road). So we walked home, got in the car, and drove in circles til I noticed a sign that pointed to the Messehalle. this probably eluded me before because when I saw it I thought of chow hall, not trade fair.

After finding a parking spot in a close but well hidden lot (that looked like a good place to pick up nail) we finally made it to the Christmas Market. And it was disappointing. Instead of rows and rows of interesting crafts we were met with a few craft stands, surrounded by vacuum cleaners, cleaning products, and meat. Yeah. Lame.

Oh well, maybe we'll find something interesting tomorrow. Right now we're watching Penn State come back on Nebraska, and the Michigan game is on in a few. Go Blue!

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