Monday, April 9, 2012

This is not a real post... but I'm still alive (barely)

So, most of you know that Jeff was gone all of last month. When Jeff is gone, I don't go anywhere. This is no lie, I put gas in our car the day he left, and there was still gas left from the same fill-up when he got home. He was gone for 30 days y'all, and he still drove the car for almost two days before needing to fill up. That's why I've posted nothing for over a month.

There is an I-told-you-so story to be told now that he's home, but believe me when I say I take no joy in it. Jeff always gets sick when he travels. Always. And then he gets ME sick. We started a vitamin regimen after he brought the black death home from Poland, and neither of us has been sick. While packing for this last trip, I "suggested" he take his vitamins with him. Didn't happen. 30 days and one week later, guess who spent Easter with a vice wrapped around her throat. This chick! Thank you, my dear husband.

Well, if I get over this by tomorrow, we might go visit a walled city, which may result in a real post. Tomorrow will be the only nice day for the forseable future. March was sunny and warm and beautiful, and it ended the day Jeff got home. Jeff put Norway in his suitcase and customs didn't catch it. He's got such a talent for picking out gifts from is travels. Sigh.

P.S. Happy Birthday to my wonderful M.I.L. She's 35 today ;)

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